Studio A

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Built in the sanctuary of a 100-year-old church, Studio A houses a 38′ x 50′ main room with 30′ ceilings, four large iso rooms and stained glass windows. The 25′ x 32′ x 16′ control room features a custom 80-input + 64-monitor, all Discreet Neve 8078., the largest of its type in the world. The large room has ideal acoustic dimensions where you can get that big rock and roll drum sound or record an 80-piece orchestra. The A Lounge is conveniently located directly below the A control room. It is equipped with a full kitchen, an entertainment center, billiards table, a large couch and dining table and includes private bathrooms. It’s an ideal space for band meals, catered events, or just relaxing while the other musicians perfect their parts in the studio above.


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